Saturday, June 14, 2008

after ~3 months...

there a lot of stuff to talk about from april to june (selain rasa terputus hubungan dgn dunia lua); but the most significance topic now is the fuel price (hiking up gila²). too many disagreement, too many protest, too many whtvr and nothing has change except rakyat kene ubah cara hidup..what a shame. huge burden to carry as a malaysian today. monthly bill, tax, toll, f&b, loan, household, leisure stuff, vacation etc. im not totally against with the current situation; as far as i can remembered the rm1.92/L is when the global price at ~80 usd per barrel, and now its about ~135usd. what can u expect. adakah rakyat selama ini dimanjakan dgn subsidi? adakah kerajaan menguruskan negara ini dgn baik? atau adakah kita ni....bla, bla. i don really see people at big city will change their lifestyle. ckp la apepun, yg aku tau hal ni mmg membebankan kebanyakan rakyat malaysia

whatever it is, rite now, im too happy to be at place i feel so comfortable. blk umah, sgt tenang. home sweet home. like it or not life must goes on. sblom aku lupa, tahniah crotia beat germany n pdn muka russia kene 4-1 dgn spain. muahaha (bukan sbb aku support england k)

donno when i'll be writing back (really look forward indeed). mari gunakan masa yg ada sebaik²nya.

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Harteeny said...

We'll be seeing each other this Saturday! Yipppeee! And insyaAllah, by the time i went back we;ll be able to communicate even more via the magic of internet.