Saturday, April 1, 2017

Grab Share

This story worth a post.

Nak dijadikan cerita semalam 31/3/2017, Jumaat LRT RapidKL decided to make KL people life more interesting- ada slowdown or breakdown. Senang cerita lama gila nak tunggu tren jalan. Macam biasa Uber atau Grab akan jadi back up. Tapi surcharge kapitalis habis la. Untuk menang secara psychology aku guna la Grab Share.

Request accepted, tunggu dekat Avenue K- you will be sharing ride on this trip. Next passenger kena pick up dekat Ampang Park. Dah sampai driver call dia ni cakap tunggu depan 7E/ McD tapi dia ada kat Citi Bank. 5min juga tunggu sambil driver dok mengomel rugi masa dia, aku pun join sekaki tambah garam tah takkan taktau tunggu tempat request kot. Sebelah tu pun ada kereta buat uber/ grab. Ada datang mamat India ni tanya-tanya tapi obviously dia tak boleh ambil. Driver aku, "Biar dia, kita tengok je". Sampai kereta kitorang dia dok pusing-pusing kereta tengok cari kepastian. Depan, belakang check no plat. Aku dalam hati "Dude, ko dah lambat buat kelakar apa lagi pusing kereta?!"

Driver dah tak sabar, turun kan cermin kereta "Alo, awak nak pergi mana, Grab kan?"

"Iya", sambil belek apps dia nak bagitau details. Dah sah betul memang dia, masuk kereta. Driver, "Saya dah call cakap tunggu sini, awak tak nampak ke?"

"Saya OKU".... Boom! "Tak nampak sangat".
"Berapa tambang bang? Oh. RM20..ok" Aku assumed dia bayar cash.

Time tu aku rasa takde benda lain lagi significant. Kau tau pikir kau je kan. Dalam kekeduan tu ada persamaan sentap antara aku dengan driver. Sobs. Untuk hilang awkward aku make a conversation la.

Student, belajar kat Banting- meatronik. Nak jumpa kawan kat Taman Melati, sambung pergi Ipoh. Haishh almost ninja cutting onion moment la.

The struggle yang tak semua orang boleh faham apatah lagi menanggung.. Semoga semuanya baik-baik bro!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


So this is the last day for mommy to complete her journey or rather a program sebab journey kena continue and make it a lifestyle. As a team we (read Amni and I) are proud to see the progress. It was never meant to be easy.

Often it seems we are left behind but that was never the case. Again if it is easy semua orang boleh buat kan. We don't have much time to discuss since we threw the idea to register for this program; yep 2017 jangan overthinking. I knew Kevin Zahri is the person behind all of this; attended his session years ago, so why not give a try. This is not something like MLM, or product yang claimed free tapi later you will spend and spend to ensure 'success'. Not really a bad thing tapi tak sustainable. And also, I'm a fan of the Biggest Loser. When the main venue is just at KLCC Park, I thought yeah we can work on this. 

To loss 6kg in a apace of about 6 weeks, I will take that in any days. It's not just about being kurus to me. By now mommy is better equipped than before. Knowledge ni cari je boleh dapat, nak practice tu yang the hardest. Within 6 weeks she went hiking, swimming, playing dodgeball, bola baling apart from routine workout. 

Not only her changed; bila nak 'diet' biasa surrounding ni yang leceh, orang sceptical, sarcastic, tak bagi support la basically. To her it's the other way around. The family particularly thrill by the program, we went few times to KLCC park (should continue that), all conscious about diet and even her colleague pun interested and dah registered for JK1M 9!

So why not reward her with Apple Watch series 2 kan? We all know the actual challenge about to begin, judge us again in another 2 months time? 

Regardless we are proud of you mommy!  😘

Note: back to not overthinking, harap dapat beli complete set iPhone & Apple Watch la hari ni. Mudah-mudahan ada rezeki 😎

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Random Post

Of all craziness this week, I bumped to this video and its really caught my attention. Faizal Tahir ni memang bagus orangnya. Tak kisahlah orang kata dia ni dulu acah-acah nasyid je sebenarnya. Cuma satu je dia silap support Liverpool. Haha. That's not the point.

Semua lagu dia memang mantap. Video clip ni memang win, nampak sangat fatherly dia.. of course it brings me to Amni, hence the post

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CNY & FT Day

If not mistaken this is the long leave we had but not really going anywhere- vacation makan angin la. Nothing particular planned nevertheless setiap hari terisi. 

House cleaning then back to normal within a day. Hehe. Kenduri,Sky Bridge visit, birthday party, hiking (!), casual run, mommy burning calories, evening stroll at KLCC park and swimming. Not a bad liat huh.

Most important kena fully recharged nak hadap office. Relatively the most peaceful off days I had mainly due to CNY.

Next we have like Miri, Dubai and London  InsyaAllah #duitsilaberanak

Oh! Since running not really my thing in 2017- am excited to be part of SEA Games of course not as an athlete. Being a volunteer can be cool as well what. Something I never do but looking forward the opportunity- even not that sure how to fit in my working calendar yet. 

Just do it. Ah, relevant as ever

Thursday, January 5, 2017


2016 gone. So fast. So furious. 

Still a good year. Personally completed FM (ya, whatever). Changing portfolio at the office- a lot of thinking on this. Travelled. Alhamdulillah. Watched Amni growing up is the best thing ever. 
And ManUtd start to kickass again. 

Time. Constant subject. Ah

2017. I know what I'm dealing with and what to achieve.. Put it like this, go with the flow. Kota Bharu, Miri, London are where we would like to go. Plan to go actually. 

Maybe I need to less hate myself and chill a bit. Happy new year whatever it means to you ✌🏻️

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lumianated. I mean frustrated

Until now a month plus, still didn't get my device back. What kind of service la Microsoft. Malas nak elaborate 😑😡👎🏻

F1 World Champ

Never be a hard core fan of F1. Schumacher was the greatest driver I ever know. Until Nico! He came to KLCC to celebrate being the 2016 World Champion driver shortly after the last race of the season at Dubai, thank god it wasn't Lewis! Playing a second fiddle to Lewis for this entire time and now the spotlight on him. Totally deserved it. Mr nice guy too. And good looking. Ok you got it right.

We are the Silver Arrows team so yeah, kena celebrate together lah- what's the free shirt got to do if not this kan?!

Nico Roseberg. 29th Nov 2016. I know bad selfie. 

Nico 2nd December 2016. Announced his retirement. Boom!

Shocked but need to respect his decision. Baru follow iG dia 😅

Full Marathon

Ok I did it. Sort of. Completed the race, yes, full 42km, no. No regret.

Wife told me just before the race
1) don't fall down
2) it's ok, there will always be a next time

That's the version I remembered lah. 

Before flag off, it's raining and emcee keep repeating "for runners safety whoever didn't finish by 2.30am, ambulance will pick you up".

Somehow these reminders matched each other. 

I'm targeting 7hrs kinda run since the longest I prepared was 10k, itupun a week before. To be honest I don't really care about the timing or PB, as long as I completed the race. It has been the same from the first time I completed my 'marathon'. Was it a 10k or 7k? Hmm can't recall. And I need FM at night to make sure subuh tak ke laut; most local FM started at 2-3am if not 4-5am. 

So I ran. 5km, 10km.. I was like ok we can do this. Keep running. 

Personally amazed I reached 30km mark, da! It was never before!! Not with breeze tho but energy gel did help. Major let down (read excuses) organizer or rather volunteers started to closing down water stations, lack of gel panas, sponge etc etc etc. I wasn't exactly the last but your mind started to corrupted you when your body physically tired. That's the fact. Sleepy head and I don't know where else to step on, semua sakit. Put a mental note, "Urghh neraka nanti camna weh.. Ni baru dunia!"

About 2 o'oclock and I'm on 35k like that 
ambulance passed by.. After another round, abang driver tanya "Naik?". Without knowing I have choice to say no, next thing is I already inside the ambulance. I asked one of the staff (4 of them all muka tired and uninterested) "Dah start collect ke?". Ntah, was the answer. Ok whatever. Consider that was my reward and apologize from the organizer for poor event management. In fact siap tersengguk dalam ambulance! Yeah mengantuk like that. 

Balik hotel makan mee and kuewtiaw. Burp. Wifey was kind enough to teman even probably she was kinda disappointed I didn't  really run entire 42km. Maybe she felt I am not happy that I didn't get what I want. Truth is, I'm more than happy to return to my family still breathing :)

End up the morning subuh tu almost gajah I think. Will it be a next FM for me? Not now to decide. We have London in 2017 to be excited about. Wohoo

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Getting There

It's all getting enough rest from now on. 
Or at least mentally prepared 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Support System

I strongly believe my wife is the bestest ever. She's been there when there's low and up in my life. 

It occurs to me that I don't appreciate her as much as she deserved it. The least
I can do is to write a post. 

I love you sayang.