Sunday, December 4, 2016

F1 World Champ

Never be a hard core fan of F1. Schumacher was the greatest driver I ever know. Until Nico! He came to KLCC to celebrate being the 2016 World Champion driver shortly after the last race of the season at Dubai, thank god it wasn't Lewis! Playing a second fiddle to Lewis for this entire time and now the spotlight on him. Totally deserved it. Mr nice guy too. And good looking. Ok you got it right.

We are the Silver Arrows team so yeah, kena celebrate together lah- what's the free shirt got to do if not this kan?!

Nico Roseberg. 29th Nov 2016. I know bad selfie. 

Nico 2nd December 2016. Announced his retirement. Boom!

Shocked but need to respect his decision. Baru follow iG dia 😅

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