Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CNY & FT Day

If not mistaken this is the long leave we had but not really going anywhere- vacation makan angin la. Nothing particular planned nevertheless setiap hari terisi. 

House cleaning then back to normal within a day. Hehe. Kenduri,Sky Bridge visit, birthday party, hiking (!), casual run, mommy burning calories, evening stroll at KLCC park and swimming. Not a bad liat huh.

Most important kena fully recharged nak hadap office. Relatively the most peaceful off days I had mainly due to CNY.

Next we have like Miri, Dubai and London  InsyaAllah #duitsilaberanak

Oh! Since running not really my thing in 2017- am excited to be part of SEA Games of course not as an athlete. Being a volunteer can be cool as well what. Something I never do but looking forward the opportunity- even not that sure how to fit in my working calendar yet. 

Just do it. Ah, relevant as ever

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