Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whatever U Like

On behalf planet of earth I would like to thank to those whom switched off their light yesterday. It was a special moment though as its going global. Credit to 8TV; 1st tv station not having telecast during the hour. What so special about earth hour?? Find it yourself dude. At least it makes me write again. Haha…

Apart from that, smalam was a final day of Perhimpunan Agung UMNO. Finally habis pun. Dh 4-5 bulan media asyik story (front page) pasal pencalonan, Paklah step down etc. Ada la break kejap bila Gaza issue. Other than that, sume politik. What happened @ Perak really memalukan. As if diorang xde benda lain ke nak bimbangkan. The whole world risau credit crunch, sibuk lompat parti lak..hampeh. Skang sibuk la korang sume berkempen balik..Lantak!

Red Devil throws a good chance to win the league by not killing the Kop. However its not over yet and only makes the title race extra interesting.

Above all, my wedding preparation is more important. Living at Labuan and Miri doesn’t make it easier. We just to need cope with it.

Till then, chaoaz!

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