Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ntv7 Feel Good Run 2011

A truly well organized event

Hey, just went back from ntv7 FGR and I successfully finished the race. Non-stop running. The most important part, i enjoyed my running! Summary of the event:
  • Wake-up early in the morning. Get ready. My stomach didn't help much, went few times to the toilet.
  • Around 6.15am together with wife, heading to Sri Pentas via DUKE highway. To find car park, she just dropped me in front of Sri Pentas. Totally stranger to the place I just follow those wearing white shirt
  • Thanks to portable toilet, I'm all up for the run by 7.20am :)
  • About 5,500 runners particapated. Most of them Chinese. Glad that I'm not intimidated by looking at the runners, just keep my cool and calm (event though i don't strech up properly; too many people no space!)

See how ramai it is
  • 7km runners was released at 7.30am and i think i started well. Then start to follow others pace (which is WRONG!)..Halfway of the race at water station they gave Gatorade (mesti la nak try!). I know contestant in the Biggest Loser Asia forced to drink it but again it was WRONG to drink this water while running (to me at least) . With only 2km to finish I feel like gastric attacks me! Luckily I managed to finish the run ahead of planning time :)

The route. Super satisfied with the running time!

  • It was totally new route to me, just keep running. I don't listen to iPod this time. What I thought during the run??
  1. Early in the run at the housing area: the dogs keep barking *if someone intentionally lets the dog out and chasing us* kan best? hehe..
  2. Steady, steady...find your inner peace a la Po the Kungfu Panda
  3. Don't be so fast la.. you are not going for the world record
  4. Oit don't ever think to walk!
  5. It is not that far anymore.. Common make your foot massage worth the pay!
AND finally...

Proud finisher with the medal! Wohooo
#Rain did the trick plus everyone busy queueing for the freebies

  • It was raining, so we can't really check out the carnival after that. Heard was awesome too. Went straight to home and had a nice nasi lemak for breakfast
  • It was a good day indeed. Thai food for lunch.

Others caption I would like to share:

Naz carried his child all the way in 3km route. Cool right
Source: ntv7 twitter

Look what Izham Omar wrote! [Get out of my way] On his left MZul, MHI presenter.
Source: MZul twitter (follow him!)

Proud to be part of the good cause :)

Conclusion: Must do it again next year (wife has to join lah!)


Harteeny said...

this is a real good entry dear :)

xitane said...

Thank you! Remember you are also part of it :)