Monday, August 1, 2011

July Round UP

July has been kind to me I must admit. FOUR times went to KL to start with! FGR, family event & the other two were official trip. Getting tired is part of the game. That explains why I only managed to run LESS than 20km! Tapi kalau dah Qadha' dengan menebas & mencangkul di hujung minggu, dimaafkanlah kan?! I can see future of me doing gardening already. Fun!

Other than that, summer movies galore! Transformers 3, Harry Potter 7.2 & X-men First Class not disappointed (Kungfu Panda as well). The winner to me was Super 8. When you watch a movie with zero knowledge (tak baca review) and that movie did well, you gotta give credit. After all it was Steven Spielberg thingy (lupalah director betul!). Ah, not to forget.. KL Gangster. RM11million+ is really something. TETAPI kalau harga tiket wayang dah RM14/person..hmm you do the math la kids. Macam manapun movie tu bagus & berani.

That's all for July.

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