Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Revival

Greeting people,
I'm about to make a comeback. Hopefully there will be "woh, lamanya x update!" kinda stuff. Obviously nobody reads my blog. Da, I'm not selling stuff, promo ad banner, apatah lg jual tudung. I don't even bothered

So why am I doing this?
1) I'm bored with no astro (it's kinda cool actually; will elaborate later IF I want to)
2) Facebook is so yesteryear. Twitter more to follow updates rather than expressing my thought
3) I'm inspired by wife blog (even she won't believe it; ok la plus other blogs I went to)

The content?
Incase you don't know it yet, I'm kind into running lately. It's about a year ago (2010). Yeah, it's suprising me as well. Terperanjat nok!
So this blog will be part of my journey & to track my progress.
Other blogs, articles about running simply inspired me. It is what it is #random quote

In between I will be rambling about life & stuff. Expect topics like football, E!, world news in general etc

As starter, I'm bit pissed off knowing LOFSA Run to be organized this very weekend. They only announced it last week & open for registration for a week. Boo! it's unfair to say bukan aku hadap sgt nk join..inform earlier lah, at least a month before. Oh not that I'm not ready it just not suit with my arrangement. Setidak-tidaknya boleh perbaiki rekod peribadi :P nevermind I'll stick with the plan.

Standard chattered event pun not in my calendar; don't mind. I'll prepare myself for FGR 2011 on 3rd July. Can't wait for the date :)
As of now I'm satisfied with my non-stop 5km. To improve the pace is the target


Harteeny said...

WELCOME BACK Zukry! Write More. Maybe just update your runs on all the rounds you've made :)

xitane said...

TQ! More to come, watch this space yaw