Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Your Mark...

Alhamdulillah..puasa 6 dah selesai. So boleh move to the next objective.

For the past week:
1) Upset with things beyond my control but let's put thing into perspective 

2) Ah, got my new IC but somehow picture quality so bad la. Dah la muka tak photogenic

3) Man Utd performance is absolutely outstanding! A lot to be learnt from SAF especially in managing player. He simply can let players go (get good players in exchange). And still get the result! #HRMtakeNoteOK

4) I'm cool on life without TV (yes definitely astro-less). But that has to come to the end soon

5) Ok people don't watch Buletin Utama (BU) then korang nak komplen itu ini etc channel beratus, tukar la! Btw memang kecewa pun dengan content BU sekarang ni (aku boleh komplen sebab tak tengok!)

Oh, ke KL lagi kita minggu ni yo!

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