Monday, September 5, 2011

Seronoknya Balik Labuan! 

Ok now Raya leave is officially over. So fast time flies. From the last post, been busy with stuff. So no updatelah from last post.
Let's review on Ramadhan first. I've lost 3kg+ which is so surprising (all this while dok lari, 1kilo pun payah-payah). Don't get too excited because in no time all the losses will count for nothing IF I keep eating and eating (plus sleeping). The point is, looking at what Ramadhan did to us externally, it is equally important to evaluate what it did to us internally..Right?

Then 31st Aug, Raya came. It's my second time to beraya at my other half places and I'm ok with it. Different experience. Hari Raya is for us to bersyukur and make others happy. As many as possible. Not that I'm really good at it but hopefully I'm in the right direction. Amiiin.

Oh, one thing for sure, I'm really good on Foursquare this Raya. Will share later if possible :P not that so proud with the achievement, it just to document my journey. So don't get me wrong people.

To conclude this entry I have to admit that I have super good of selera makan (coincides with the yummy foods)when I'm away from Labuan. That's the challenge now. The desire to run is burning inside me (part of me said: boleh blah). So it's time to hit the ground but let's start and finish the Puasa Enam first.#ThingYouShouldntMiss

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