Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Round Up

It will be overrated statement to say I'm up and ready for the PBIM. Anyway once I finished the 10km I think I have general idea lah what awaits me on 20th Nov.

*dahaga tak ingat, lutut sakit, tapak kaki cam terbakar etc*

From now on whenever there is opportunity, I will run 5km #SelfPledge. Ok AidilAdha is fast approaching. A good break indeed (can see the running kit!). That left just one week before the event.

Argh! This is exactly why I cannot have tv/astro at home. Tulis tahape-hape je. Oh, that will be another news! I'll be living somewhere else (yeah, still in Labuan) until year end to give an opportunity to a friend to bring his newly expanded family. Don't have to make a fuss about it because l just understand living separately from your other half.

Anyway, there is bigger plan than that :P woot...WOOT! Maybe later.

Oit, let's concentrate on PBIM first!

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