Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Travel: Maldives

Time flies. Memang tak percaya kembali menulis. Since I believe it is important to write somewhere for future reference and/ or whenever you don't have better things to do you will need something to (scroll) walk down the memory lane kinda stuff. 

Where were we last time? Ah, Maldives. I did ask to read my other half blog kan. Well, apparently she has better thing to do, so tahan je la read this blog. For now. 

Am so malas to details up the trip but it was a fantastic getaway. We went to normal pulau (Malé & Hulumale) and private one (Bandos)- so yeah we got to experience both world. Pulau sampah je tak pergi for obvious reason. We did island hoping on private excursion. 

Treasure the moment but to be honest memang la mahal kat sana tu, GST alone je dah 12% #kauhado. Kata kuncinya ialah kena pandai plan. Jangan nak kedekut sangat dan tak payah la perasan macam duit jatuh dari langit. First time experience bawa rice cooker and masak; I am about to repeat the same trick! 

Mana gambar? My phone iCrashed so hilang la segala gambar laut hijau-biru, jerung (a real one!) dan segala picturesque pictures! Namun jangan berduka, head to my Instagram account and enjoy #Maldives. Nampak tak pancing. Okthxbyexoxo

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